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Final Disposition

A Final Resting Place

A place of honor

Researching the many options for final disposition can be overwhelming. Our directors can assist you in the process of obtaining an appropriate final resting place.Typically, there are three options for final disposition – Ground Burial: The deceased is buried in a cemetery or family gravesite. Cremation: Cremated remains are placed in a wall niche or columbarium, cemetery plot, family gravesite, memorial garden, or scattered in location that is meaningful to the family. Entombment: The deceased is placed in a mausoleum which is a free-standing monument typically found in a cemetery. Mausoleums provide burial chambers for caskets as well as interment spaces for urns.Once the final resting place has been established we can also help you create a permanent memorial marker reflecting the unique life of your loved one. Visit our Mooresville Monument page for more information.

Graveside Funeral Services

Graveside Funeral Services

A service at the cemetery can be personalized where families may select readings, speakers and create spiritual moments. The service may also include military honors, masonic rites, and religious leadership. 

We offer personal service to help you create a permanent memorial. The Mooresville Monument Company, a division of Cavin-Cook Funeral Home & Crematory, will help you design a unique marker for the gravesite.  

Committal Services

Committal Services

Family and friends gather to commit a loved one to the earth and say final farewells together. It is a symbolic memory and a helpful step in the healing process.

Funerals often take place in the all-faith chapel at Cavin-Cook, The Heritage House, or at your place of religious worship. An internment and committal service often follows at the graveside. The gatherings can help commemorate a life while marking the end of physical closeness. 

Immediate Burials

Immediate Burials

Some families indicate specific needs based on personal reasons and would like immediate burial for their loved one. 

At Cavin-Cook we work together with you and your family to create a meaningful experience for everyone.

Please let us know how we can help.

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