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Grief & Healing

You Are Not Alone

We continue to walk with you.

The weeks and months after the death of a loved one are the hardest. You are faced with the most difficult, but also the most important part, healing. Grief is a journey. Everyone’s journey is different. We believe that grief is as unique as a fingerprint. To mourn means “to feel or express grief or sorrow.” Mourning is an essential part of healing. One definition of the word “heal” is “to return to a sound state.”

Cavin-Cook Funeral Home is committed to the care of our families before, during and after the funeral. It is with dedication that we offer aftercare services to assist those who have lost a loved one and to educate the community about the process of grief. Through our program, we will walk the entire grief journey with you by listening, understanding and guiding you and your family back to a sound state and a new normal.