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Mooresville Monument Company

Customized Memorials

Mooresville Monument Company is a division of Cavin-Cook Funeral Home & Crematory.

As a division of Cavin-Cook Funeral Home & Crematory, Mooresville Monument Company is conveniently located within the funeral home facility.

We recognize the importance of creating a special monument or marker to reflect the unique life of a loved one, and strive to provide the same attention to detail that has long been associated with all services provided by Cavin-Cook Funeral Home & Crematory.
A Permanent memorial forever honors the life of a loved one and provides a meaningful and lasting tribute for family and friends to visit in person for years to come. Timeless design is important and quality craftsmanship is imperative.

To learn more, please contact us at the same phone number as Cavin-Cook: 704-664-3363.

Monuments and Markers

Monuments and Markers

Permanent Recognition and Memorialization
Ask yourself what design elements would best commemorate the life of your loved one, or maybe you are looking for a unique way to honor a local hero. Whether it’s remembering a family member, acknowledging civic contributions, memorializing historic events, or honoring a veteran of the armed services, our caring staff will guide you through the process of creating a special custom monument.

Personalization can be made to granite and bronze markers, ceramic portraits, laser etching, grave ledgers, as well as a variety of urns and vases. We can also assist you with needs such as dedication plaques, benches, mausoleums and columbariums. Once your selection is made we manage all the arrangements for the installation.

Restoration, Maintenance and Repair
In addition to installation, we provide professional monument or marker inscription updates cleaning, refinishing, restoration, and repair. We can also level markers that have settled over time and furnish replacement vases.

Floral Placement
Floral placement services are available to assure family and friends that new flowers will be placed on their loved one's monument or marker. Please see Floral Placement in the Services section for more details. 

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