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Create A Healing Experience

Celebrating Life

Celebrating the life of a loved one is the beginning of the healing process.

Everyone has a personal sense of what a funeral should include. It is an opportunity to honor the life of a loved one, a time for sharing memories; a time to begin the healing process.

We appreciate the importance of memorializing the life of a loved one in your own special way. We will strive to help you arrange a tribute that reflects the unique personality and life of your loved one.

In addition to displaying photos, helping with music selections and assisting with special readings, ask us about our customizable multi-screen video wall which can be utilized for visitations and services.

Create a Healing Experience

Many options are available based on your personal preferences and the life-long interests of your loved one. In addition to photos, music selections, and special readings, we can now incorporate a moving eco-scape during visitations in one of our family gathering rooms.

We encourage families to think outside the box - If mom made quilts, display them over the pews during a service. If she loved the beach, set up a beach chair and umbrella in her honor. If dad loved popcorn, consider serving it at the visitation. If he was a member of an antique car club, ask his friends to drive their cars to the service.

Dove and eco-friendly balloon releases can be arranged. Bagpipes, harpists and soloists are also a consideration. Giving a perennial flower seed card or a token keepsake to guests can help keep a loved one's memory alive. Talk to your funeral director about your loved one's special interests and they will help you create a meaningful tribute.


Memorialization is Important to Youth

Children may not understand the details and specifics, but they can often surprise you with their sensitivity and instinctual way of detecting grief. As the adult, you want to find ways to help them celebrate the life of a loved one and enjoy happy memories and stories.
Should youth attend funerals? This guide explains the important role funerals and memorialization play in the lives of youth.

Tribute Videos

Share your family photos with us. Your family photographs can be skillfully blended with wonderful graphic images and music, to create an elegantly cinematic video. It can be an integral part of any funeral or memorial service. After the ceremony, the video will be a treasured family keepsake. And, we can make copies as gifts for family and friends.


Personalized Printing

Our memorial bookmarks, service programs, prayer cards, and folders can include a favorite photo, poem or prose tribute to your loved one. These unique items add a significantly personal element to a memorial service, and serve as a treasured keepsake for guests .


Life Tribute Web Page

The memorial page we create for your loved one on our website is more than the an obituary. It is a Life Tribute. Photos, videos and messages from friends and family can be continuously added to create a tribute that will be archived for future generations to see.

By sharing stories, memories and condolences on the page, it is way to connect and stay connected with family and friends, all in honor of your loved one. We can walk you through all the options of personalization, so you can see its potential for honoring the life of your loved one as well as for archiving the memories you and others share.

A Lasting Tribute

Create a memorable ceremony as a gift to family and friends.

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