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On-Site Cremation Services

Your loved one never leaves our care.

Cavin-Cook Funeral Home & Crematory is dedicated to providing caring and personalized cremation services to you and your family.  

The Cavin-Cook crematory is located on the same premises as Cavin-Cook Funeral Home and adheres to the highest ethical standards set forth by the Cremation Association of North America. By operating our own private crematory, we can ensure your loved one never leaves our professional  care.

Cremation does not limit one’s options for personalized funeral services, final disposition and memorialization. 

A funeral, memorial or celebration of life service is an important step in working through the grief that follows the loss of a loved one. We can help you create a meaningful tribute that brings comfort to you, your family and friends.

The following cremation services can be modified to meet your family’s individual needs. Visitations can be added to any cremation service except Direct Cremation.


Funeral Service with Cremation as Final Disposition

Similar to a traditional funeral service, the body of the deceased is placed in a cremation or rental casket for the funeral service. Cremation is performed after the service and the cremated remains are returned to the family.


Cremation with a Funeral, Celebration of Life or Memorial Service

Gather together and commemorate the life of your loved one as you honor shared memories. Following a cremation, this symbolic service is a meaningful step forward in the healing process. These remembrance services can be held with or without an urn displayed. Services can be held in our funeral home chapel, one of our gathering rooms, our Heritage House facilty or a place that has special meaning for your family.


Graveside/Committal Services

Sometimes a graveside/committal service is chosen as the only funeral service held for a loved one. Other times families choose to have services prior to the gravesite/committal service. We can guide you through the service possibilities, including an outdoor graveside, columbarium or mausoleum funeral service.


Scattering of Ashes

We can help you memorialize a loved one when scattering ashes.

The experience can be a creative, thoughtful reflection of your loved one and an important step in the healing process. We can help you plan a unique way to memorialize a life through scattering cremated remains. 


Simple Cremation

This option does not include a funeral service of any kind. The funeral home performs the cremation and the cremated remains are returned to the family or transferred to another funeral home. Basic services of a funeral director and staff are included. Please call to discuss your options with a funeral director.


Urns, Keepsakes and Memorial Markers

Cremation offers countless options for memorialization. Many unique urn and keepsake items are on display in our selection room and other items are easily obtained through our catalogues. 

If creating a permanent monument or marker is important to you, we can help create one that reflects the unique life of your loved one. To learn more about our services, please contact us: 704-664-3363.

Create a cremation service that is meaningful.

When choosing cremation, the options for honoring your loved one are limitless.
Let us walk you through the possibilities.

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