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Mooresville Monument Company is
a division of Cavin-Cook Funeral Home.

As a local, family-owned business for over 20 years, Mooresville Monument Company appreciates the meaning of family and friends and recognize the importance of creating a marker to reflect the personality and contributions of special people in your life.

williamsburg roseWhether it’s remembering a family member, acknowledging community leaders and civic contributions, memorializing historic events
for future generations, or honoring a
veteran of the armed services, our
caring staff will walk you through the
steps it takes to create that special
monument. We will explain the many
options and guide 
you through the custom design decisions. Once your selection is
made we manage all the arrangements for
the installation.


Restoration, maintenance and repair

In addition to installation, we provide professional monument or marker inscription updates cleaning, refinishing, restoration, and repair. We can also level markers that have settled over time and furnish replacement vases.

Floral Placement

Floral placement services are available to assure family and friends that new flowers will be placed on thier loved one's monument or marker. Please see Floral Placement in the Services section for more details.